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Rules of server

Post  Administrator on Sat Jan 08, 2011 3:14 am

This is just a basic outline of the Staff rules, other rules should be blatently obvious as they are simply everyday morals .

1. You are not allowed to give RGps, Gold, Garments, Grails or any item to ANYONE for free , unless given permission by any of the owners or doing an event.
2. You are not allowed to use your influence in telling somebody to do something that they would not normally do.(Asking somebody to PK somebody,letting people in guild)
3. You cannot, kill any player that who does not agree to be killed or who has not attacked you first. (If somebody hits you once and stops, you should not kill them.)
4. You cannot do quests on your GM/PM Character.
5. You cannot do Path of Hades or Daddy dragon quest on any of your characters.
6. You are not allowed to hold any PK events, unless given special permission by one of the owners.
7. You cannot use your GM/PM character to hunt RGps, for Your Alts.
8. You are not allowed to kick people unless they are breaking on of the rules, IE, Lucky time in the middle of Twin City or if you are asked to.
9. You cannot hold money for people who are trading accounts, as this is one of the rules for normal players, you are helping a player break one of the rules.
10.You cannot trade anything from your GM/PM to your alt in order to benefit you or any other player.
11.You are not allowed to sell items in market booths from your GM/PM character or buy anything from a booth in market from your GM/PM to help a player.
12.Do not excessively post unnecessary things on GM/PM broadcast.
13. Just because you are staff does not mean you are exempt from the normal player rules, those apply to everyone including staff members.
14.No pms/gms in gw area during gw unless its to do a garm change ect.
15. Only you are Allowed on your GM/PM account. There will be no shareing what so ever.
In the end, the choice is up to you whether you'd like to be staff or a player. Please keep in mind, as staff you are expected to be here to assist the players or owner if they need help. We all like to keep things fun, just remember you are expected to represent FinalCO as a respectful, fair, and fun community.

These rules have been made up by Haze Admin, veteran staff members and retired staff, These rules are here for a reason, if these rules are broken your GM/PM account can be taken away from you.


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