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Hello ................

Post  DoubleL on Thu Jun 30, 2011 12:33 am

Well i think there is bug in Nobility... Like if we both have the same char with the same stuffs and u are KING and im Earl in Nobility.. When we PK we made the same damage eachother... Well isnt Nobility gives u more Battle Power ? If it is Those who got the high rank in Nobility should got more damage and more defence for the other players who got lower rank.... no matter if they wear the same items Smile .. Also when u PK in Qualifer Arena sometimes you cant get out... you are freezing inside and u have to re-log to get out... And when you win you dont get rank and Honour Points etc. Also when u pk and when you jump around sometimes your opponent dissapear and then comes again...And the PrayingStone Dont work! Players cant get Heaven Bless... And the agillity for trojans is so increased... like when i fight with somone and when i try to zap hem he is not too close to me but the phoenix hit hem... LOL [ I hope you can understand me what i want to say with this the last one Very Happy ] If i saw more i will report here... BYE AND HAVE A NICE DAY.


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Re: Hello ................

Post  Administrator on Thu Jun 30, 2011 1:39 am

About nobility...it depends about the char you make it cuz nobility I remaked to work 100%,Arena Qualifier you can go out you must see the button Exit,HonorPoints it will be add when server restart all time,and I will remake it to put everytime the honor points,about the opponent is about your pc,I mean your lag,the Praying Stone I know is bugged and I will make it,and about the agility is work 100% cuz this is the new move from tq official real co.


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